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General Manager

Bob Larsen and Michelle Holmon have always done an amazing job with all of the transactions we have done with them. They explain all of the steps and processes very well and help stay on top of everything throughout the entire time. We could not be more happy with them and are the best at what they do.


Project Manager

Bob and his team made every step of the process easy. I was kept informed. I knew all the bids that came in because they put it in writing. My family and I feel we got the best offer. We are very appreciative to the work that Bob and his office did.



My Mom and I would refer Bob, Michelle, and his team to anyone who asks.
We did multiple life settlements with Settlement Masters. The competitive bidding process got us the best offer in the market. Also, Michelle communicated with me weekly as to the progress and completion process. I never felt out of the loop. I never felt that I did not know the timeframe of the process. Great job!



I have worked with Bob for many years on protecting my family’s wealth. He is knowledgeable and trustworthy. Bob and his office are great.
When I decided to sell my life insurance policy Bob provided me a thorough analysis on Keep vs. Sell. I knew the pros and cons of keeping my life insurance vs. selling it. I decided to sell my insurance contract. I was appreciative of Bob for providing me information to allow me to make an informed decision.


Financial Advisor

I have known Bob for over 10 years. I can tell you that Bob and everyone in his office are professional and know what they are talking about. You don’t have to worry that they will not get back to you. Their office is very transparent. I knew every bid when it came. Bob told me verbally and he put it in writing. I felt confident that I received the most competitive offer available in the market.

“Our client had a $10 million dollar term policy for 10 years.
His premium was about to jump
. The client was no longer interested in funding the policy at the increased cost and was going to let it lapse.
Our client allowed us to have the contract appraised in the secondary market and we were able to negotiate an amount of $1,460,000 to the client.
Prior to the appraisal the client had no expectation that the policy had any worth beyond the death benefit.”

Settlement Masters™ secured our client $1,460,000 for a
$10 million dollar term policy

Situations like these might make a big difference in your life and/or other peoples lives around you.
Many clients have benefited from talking to us.

Contact us at (877) 927-7243 or [email protected] to appraise your life insurance policy today. It might be worthwhile!

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Settlement Masters(TM) have been retained by trust companies, attorneys and accountants to do life settlements for their clients.


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