How Does The Certified Policy Analysis Work?


Each life settlement client is walked through a specific and dedicated process.
The various stages of the process are outlined below starting with a client or advisor identifying a settlement opportunity.

Informal Appraisal

First, the informal appraisal we complete gives an indication of the policy’s sale value. This allows you to determine very quickly if it makes sense to move forward into the process.

Keep Versus Sell Analysis

Second, the keep versus sell analysis enables you to evaluate multiple “What If” scenarios, including death benefit changes, premium contribution variances and alternative investment options for the sale proceeds.


Third, as offers are received on the contract, Settlement Masters aggressively negotiates the amounts as well as the fees associated with each offer. We regularly negotiate the fees down from the industry standards.


Finally, when the policy has been sold and proceeds transferred, Settlement Masters creates a Compliance File for the policy owner, insured and advisors. We know questions may arise after the sale is completed so we created this resource to reference.

Getting Started

Please follow these steps to Rescue a Policy


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Prequalify your client


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Making Sure You Are Getting the Most Value

Settlement CPA prides itself in doing a complete and thorough analysis of each policy that we are requested to sell. We want you to know all the things you can do to keep the policy so anyone affiliated with the policy (Insured and Beneficiary) is comfortable in knowing you made a logical decision on an economic basis.


Settlement CPA specializes in obtaining bids from multiple Institutional Funds for the purchase of a life insurance policy.
More parties bidding generally creates a higher price for you.

Life insurance is an asset that may have a greater value than just the cash surrender value, sometimes as much as five times more than the cash surrender value.

Benefits You’ll Receive

An understanding of how to keep the policy in force at the current Death Benefit

An understanding of how to keep the policy in force at a Reduced Death Benefit

An understanding of what Paid Up Insurance Amount can be obtained from the policy’s current cash value

An easy to understand comparison of keeping the policy to the Current Market Value of the policy.

If you are a Trustee acting in a fiduciary capacity for Beneficiaries, you’ll have a comprehensive report to share with each Beneficiary in order to obtain their individual written approval of the decision to keep or sell the insurance policy.

Does your Policy need to be Rescued?

until you have a Certified Policy Analysis
Learn what we do & how we do it.

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Our Process


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